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  1. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    i'm still very interested and excited about this.
  2. Mole45 Dance Little Liar

    Very much still up for it
  3. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

  4. BlueheadedPants Why Hello There

    I'm up for it!
  5. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    Practice pronouncing Hungarian streets ;)
  6. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    Sorry for posting on something thats been dead for so long but after these 8-9 months my enthousiasm for this hasn't faded in the slightest so i'd like to ask if there is a chance of this continuing or if maybe someone else would be willing to act as the Game Master.
    It doesn't even have to be for this Fallout game, i'd just really like to experience a pen and paper game like this.
  7. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

    Seconding this - still excited about the whole thing even if this section has been dead for a while.

    I looked into Roll20.net and if need be I'd be willing to try and learn it for you guys but I'm going to be busy over the next month or so working and training
  8. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    Yeah Roll 20 is really good.

    I'm sorry this has died and in the near future I'm pretty sure I won't have any free time to try and revive the thing but if I finish my freelance project I'll try. I don't want to gather people before I know it's ready to play because it may never be the case.

    However I'll hit the book up at least and brush up my knowledge on the game.
  9. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    Would love this to turn into an actual thing, really want to roll as that morally dubious doctor
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  10. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    I decided fuck it, I can spend 1-2 hours a day for a week to set up the first campaign so if you're interested send me a PM or Steam message with an email address you check regularly. We'll probably start with 5 players.

    The campaign will take place in the ruins of Budapest as it's pretty easy to get maps and places I already know and you don't so think about possibilities how you got there. Be creative!

    If I choose you I'll invite you to the game and create a topic for the introductions and we'll talk them over if something's flakey.
    Once again: application order doesn't matter. If you'd like to send your story up front, feel free to do so it may increase your chances.

    Edit: It would also be nice if you guys tried to create tokens for your characters. It can be a picture you find on the internet or a hand drawn one as well. It should have a circular opaque background and a size of at least 150x150px.
  11. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    will this campaign still use the rulebook, skills and stats from the Fallout pen and paper?
  12. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    Yep. This version: http://falloutpnp.wikia.com/
  13. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    Okay we currently have 2 players and I've yet to add Subv, that makes 3. Iirc @Falsey is currently abroad but he stated multiple times he's interested so I decided to wait. I've prepared a couple of maps and I'm working on the details, but the majority of the game will be sandbox/encounter based.
  14. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    Very much liked, thank you based Swagman. Will be back and able to play come Saturday.
  15. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    @Subv please send me your email address again somewhere
    Also @Falsey pls gief email address.

    I've made lots of notes and shit, will prepare the maps soon and we can actually start playing.
  16. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

  17. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    where am i fsf
  18. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

  19. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

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