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    I'd like to inquire if anyone thinks he could GM a party in a selected game. I already posted which ones I feel sure about, but a decent party is 4-6 people including the storyteller and I won't be able to gm more than 2 parties so I'm pretty sure we'll need some more if we want to let everyone try. :)
  2. I'd like to give it a try maybe.
  3. I could give it a go if necessary! I'm charismatic which is quite an important point I guess, however I have no idea how to or if I'd be any good! Of anyone else wants to do it you can go ahead of me, but f no one steps up ill gladly do it :)
  4. Count me in!

    (You have many excellent ideas Harvey)
  5. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    It's not really a big deal. You have to read the rulebook at least once, just to know where to look for stuff if you need it. I'd recommend getting premade modules with maps and already generated NPCs and a plot which guides you through the session/sessions. Then you only have to use your fantasy to flash out the details and make the others have fun. You'll also have to make decisions and dice rolls as explained in the rulebook. Games which involve more fights over story details are easier to host, and can be as fun as the ones you have to focus on the story itself.

    As I experienced, the task that requires patience is guiding players through character generation which can vary from game to game.
  6. Well aye ill give it a go then, however I'm not back home until Monday!
  7. A good idea is usually to start with a one-evening campaign. Let people get into it, and then move from one to the next, bringing over the characters from the last campaign, until you feel comfortable about doing a much bigger one, for example.

    One of my friends did this a long time ago, and it worked out pretty well when he was the GM for us at least.
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    I'd give it a go, but I know nothing

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