When Lord Carol met the Helljack

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lord Carol, 14 Jun 2012.

  1. Lord Carol Now bring me some Tea! Chop chop!

    Good times were had, great food was eaten, entertaining shows were watched and then hilarity ensued...


    Yep, a Minecraft fight in Boston North Station...


    He's not getting my Diamonds!
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  2. cenpls Original Bhoomika Gupta

    The best thing about this is the dungarees.
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  3. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    So Jack died?
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  4. Lord Carol Now bring me some Tea! Chop chop!

    Have you heard from him since? I claim victory by way of being the only one with a Internet connection on the train.

    That and blue hoodies are re-skinned Diamond Chestpieces. True story!
  5. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    An Enderman wandered by, so the fight was called
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  6. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    Which one's Jack, and why is Carol in America??

    Oh my god, the Redcoats are invading again.

    Yes, I know, I need to sleep.
  7. Lord Carol Now bring me some Tea! Chop chop!

    I'm on the left with the pickaxe, Jack's on the right with the sword. It just happened that there were some kids at the station with the Minecraft gear - we borrowed it for the photos!

    I'm in America for a holiday - I popped up to Boston from New York to see the sights and meet Helljack!
  8. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    It was fun times, Carol. Thanks for hanging out with me for the day.
  9. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    Right, the kids had it. ;P
  10. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

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  11. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    but no twizzlers..... i am disappoint
  12. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Well if Carol can live for a day and not be [strike]murdered[/strike] having fun, sorta want to visit you now...

    As long as its not expensive.

    And I'm being serious. For once.
  13. cenpls Original Bhoomika Gupta

    Jack just run as far as your dungarees will allow you to.
  14. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Implying that Jack should be afraid of me.

    I'm OK with this.
  15. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Is "dungarees" what you folk call "overalls"?

    I love my damn overalls. They're comfortable and utilitarian.

    And Rioter, I highly suggest you make a trip over here to the States. Honestly, I don't know where you guys get the impression that the US is some sort of "blender of doom" where you stick a limb in and watch it get pulped.
  16. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    Well, my impression has always been that the people are generally nicer, more open than Europeans - case in point (point in case?), you and Carol fighting there, with weapons some random kids gave to you - but the country itself... Well, I'm sorry, but I really wouldn't like living there.

    It's whole political system is completely screwed up, and, a bit related to that, there's (among some people - I wouldn't say it's the majority, but still) a silly fear of socialism, probably based on the Cold War. Employee conditions are bad, in my opinion, not to mention gays and such (admittedly, Denmark is only the eleventh nation to allow gay marriage, a few weeks ago, so I don't know how bad it is in the rest of the first world, but while I think some states allow gay marriage, some others are just terrible). There's also a remarkably 'fear' of irreligion, so to say. Or maybe the opposite actually. Creatonism gets taught at schools, while evolution is rejected (I'm agnostic / atheist, but I wouldn't say I'm biased because of that), and people wouldn't ever elect a president who isn't religious. There's also no universal health care, and a way, way, way too large military (not that that's bad per se - but there are thousands of things on which the money can be better spend).

    It's all too... Individualistic, for lack of a better word. You're completely on your own, with bad employee rights and no universal healthcare and all. The government is basically controlled by corporations and such, and, well, I can't really explain. :P

    That firearms are legal doesn't matter much to me (I'd prefer them not to be, but I admit that's in all likeliness because I'm used to them being illegal :P), it has been proven that no way of crime is influenced by the fact that firearms are (il)legal. Yeah, some pretty bad accidents happen - but accidents happen with everything.

    Of course, it's all generalising, and you've got to remember, the USA is larger than the whole of Europe (I think). I'm sure there are thousands of people to who what I wrote above doesn't apply. But there are also thousands of people to who it does apply.

    It's great to go to on a holiday, but living there, not so much I think. Of course, that also depends on where exactly you'd live.

    Oh, and in Dutch, I think what you're wearing is also called an overall (I don't know if it's written with two or one 'l' though :P).
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  17. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    Discography Crime, crime fighters US.
    or whatever the show is called.
  18. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    I think, however, that everyone realises only 'heavy crime' is shown. From watching media, you'd think this whole world was a gigantic hellhole with people murdering and raping millions of people every day, and while we, subconsciously, are probably affected by the stuff we watch, I think most people also realise that's not true.

    Still, the media do heavily influence one in what he or she thinks of something (which is why I like Al Jazeera; one of the more objective media, operating internationally, but coming from Qatar). Luckily, there's the internet.
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  19. cenpls Original Bhoomika Gupta


    Dungarees I guess is slang for overalls with straps.
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  20. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.


    Overalls, via Google (US) Image Search.

    In the UK, Dungarees are the name of the article of clothing.

    In the US, Dungaree is the fabric used to make overalls.
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